About MAR

Macedonian Association of Radiologists- MAR is purely professional and non-profit medical organization which represents all Radiologists in Republic of North Macedonia.

North Macedonia has its own Radiological association for more than 20 years but MAR as a newly structured organization was re-established in November 2021.

Since the beginning until today MAR has around 100 members, 75 specialists and 25 residents in Radiology.

Our main goals are:

  • Taking care of the rights of all Radiologists in the country
  • Improvement of the radiological infrastructure throughout the country
  • Improvement of the educational process for young radiologists in training by continuously organizing lectures, workshops, trainings, congresses and other types of scientific events.
  • Helping radiologists in training to find the proper way of continuous medical education
  • Establishment of connections between MAR and ESR and other Radiological societies throughout Europe and rest of the world
  • Helping North Macedonian radiologists to visit other countries in terms of educational purposes
  • Establishment of the new curriculum for Radiology training which will be according to the European Curricula in the EU countries.
  • Improvement of the status of Clinical Radiology in North Macedonia by gaining all the medical-legal rights for the radiologists compared to all other clinical disciplines
  • Helping Interventional Radiology to become a subspecialty and to be recognized as branch of medicine which is directly involved in patients’ treatment and cure
  • Promoting multidisciplinarity and forcing radiologists to be part of tumor boards
  • Pushing and promoting cancer screening programs and early detection of all malignancies