Multidisciplinary Liver Tumors Symposium

This spring, interventional radiology, abdominal surgery, oncology, hepatology and pathology specialists from around the world met in North Macedonia on a two-day symposium on various subjects related to liver lesions and different types of treatment. Titled “Multidisciplinary Liver Tumor Symposium “the international symposium took place from 27 to 28 May 2022 in Skopje and was hosted by Macedonian Association of Radiologists. A particularly interesting aspect of this symposium was the diversity of presentations and presenters showing different approach in treatment for liver tumors. The symposium focused on the multidisciplinarity and collaboration in diagnosis and treatment of the liver lesions. In addition, to the scientific program the event featured step by step interventional radiology procedure on a hepatic liver lesion. Further details about the symposium will be available on this page soon.