First meeting

On December 17th 2021 after a long period of social distancing in the event of the Covid 19 pandemic, it was a fresh start and a turning point for The Macedonian Association of Radiologists, which held the first meeting on a very important topic “Standardization and Optimization of radiological protocols and radiation doses regarding oncological patients”.

The meeting was opened by the chairman Doc.dr Aleksandar Gjoreski, who announced the following activities of the Association for the next year of 2022. It was with limited onsite participants, because of Covid -19 protocols still being required, nevertheless more than 250 colleagues were taking part online.

The agenda consisted of the following lectures “Radiations doses and risks of patients undergoing CT imaging” by Prof.Dr Vesna Gershan from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Later on Doc.Dr Jasmina Chabukovska from the University Clinic of Surgical Diseases -St. Naum Ohridski- Skopje, had a lecture for “The dose tracking system in radiology” , as well as Ass.Dr Goran Spirov from the UI of Positron Emission Tomography -PET – Skopje,   who presented the “Protocols for follow up of patients with malignant diseases”,

The meeting was closed with a very effective discussion concerning the radiation dosage in patients with breast cancer, as well as other malignant diseases, which was debated among experienced radiologists from our country.

After the meeting all of the onsite participants, sign up for a membership in the Macedonian Association of Radiologysts, which was available online as well.